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Powershot A520


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Feb 13, 2006
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada !
I have a canon powershot A520 and this is the picture I took last night with it...


the setting I used for the above picture was slow shutter

what settings should I should to get the picture in the link below. http://www.lwn-photo.com/images/Tours/HHBus/Ferry_Bldg_0702.jpg

Do you know exactly how long the shutter was open for?

But i think your doing everything right. Set a low ISO, use a tripod and either self timer or a remote release to reduce camera shake as much as possible. If you can control the shutter speed, experiment a little, if its too dark.. use a longer shutter time, if its too bright and theres a lot of flaring, use a faster shutter speed :D hope that helps

Thank you for the response Fate,

I did not use a tripod, but I held the camera on a solid surface, I experiment with quite a few options and mode and this was what I got best.

Is there a way to control the ISO , shutter speed on a digital camera ?? I can not find it :(
Ashok, I have the same camera. You can control all of that if you set the dial to M. Then hit the FUNC button and go to where it says ISO. You can control it from there. Hit FUNC again to get out of those menus.

On M you can control shutter speed and aperture. On Av you can control Aperture and it helps with Shutter; on Tv, you control shutter speed and it helps with Aperture.

Hope that helps - I know "our" camera pretty well if you have any technical questions about it. :) Feel free to PM me.
thanks dude!

Yeah, I took a photo class (not digital cameras) and I learned about all the ISO and Aparture and all that, but unfortunately on my camera I am soo used to using the modes given to you. Its hard to set it up quickly, and gets really annoying. I figured practice make perfect! :D

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