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Mar 10, 2012
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Hey guys, this is my first time posting, so if this is in the wrong section or if I violate any rules, please let me know :)

Anyways, I was looking at some pictures on the internet, and I found some that I really like... well the effect at least.

If you guys could give me some advice or pointers on how to get these effects (I have Photoshop CS5), it would be greatly appreciated.


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It's a violation of TPF rules to post images you don't have permission to use.
That first image appears to have a watermark and copyright in the upper right corner. It that is not a link to the original photograph it needs to be removed from your post ASAP.

As to the post processing I Agree with Lew in that all I see is normal processing.
Oh shoot, sorry about that. I'll be sure not to post any more photographs which aren't mine.

As for the effect.. I was wondering how they get that greyish hint to it.
What 'greyish hint'? Which image?
Pardon my lack of knowledge of the lingo, but the first and second images have a sort of "different" visual aspect to them. They seem sort of grey or blue, kinda washed out (I think).
The first one, of the car, just looks highly contrasty to me. Looks like a splash of red across the top as well.

The second, the landscape, looks like a very poor scan of a print.
Lorenzol, try using google to find free apps for PS5 . There are many free apps that will let you get close to these effects or post processing that you want.
Happy shooting.
The last two look a little desaturated to me. The first one might have a little desaturation, but it looks more like it was just split-toned.
Thanks for the responses guys! I will try to de-saturate my images and also try split-toning.

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