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Nov 5, 2008
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Ive recently started using elements 7 and have now begun to use RAW instead of JPEG etc. When I open the file in Camera RAW I can see the purpose of changing WB etc but some of the other features for adjustments at this stage seem to replicate the features in Editor. So why have them twice? or are these features different.
Also once ive opened the editor if I am going to make adjustments to colour, saturation, etc etc would this be done on the original layer or do other layers need creating for each stage. If so why is this?
The main difference is that many of the other editing features in RAW editing are happening over the whole shot rather than selected areas of the shot - which is what you get in the editing program. Also elements (At least 6) has limited bit depth support in editing whilst RAW is not - so always try to get as much done in the RAW converter as you can
As for editing I always prefer to edit different things on different layers - that way you can tweak them if things start to look odd. I also leave a completly unedited version as the base layer - that way I can always go right back to the start if I want.
Yes, there is a very good reason why these features are replicated. A RAW file has a lot more information than a JPEG - a typical RAW file is a 12 bit (14 bit with some cameras) image, JPEG is only an 8 bit image. Therefore you have a lot more room for editing.

For instance with an over exposed image you may be able to recover highlight information by bringing down the exposure, with a JPEG that information simply isn't there anymore.

I would say always do the global editing in Camera RAW and only then use PSE to do the local editing.
When you say local editing am i correct in assuming by adding a layer i can select an area of the picture which i can say lighten/darken/ increase contrast. While in editing with a layer?
Yes - for elements (At least elements 6) you can use this on things like a levels, saturation, constrast etc.... layer. If you look in the layers pallet there is a white rectangle to on these layers - if you click on that rectangle to select it you can then use the brush and either white (apply that layer) or black (remove that layer effect) to paint onto the shot where you want and don't want the effect from that layer to be. Also you can use the intensity commands for the brush if you want to have some of the effect but not all of it on certain area of the shot.
Look up layermasking on google as well as this is the method you are using - also you can download and use this:
Free Layer Mask Tool for Photoshop Elements (Win/Mac Any Version)
to apply a layer mask to a normal layer as well
When you say local editing am i correct in assuming by adding a layer i can select an area of the picture which i can say lighten/darken/ increase contrast. While in editing with a layer?

Yes, by global I mean that anything you do adjusts the entire image equally. By local your only adjusting a particular part of the image.

Dodging and burning would be examples of local editing and white balance adjustment would be an example of global editing.
is it not possible to use layer mask without this tool then?
no you can use them - but elements (At least up to 6) does not have a layer mask feature for all layers - just those adjustment layers - and there are times when you might wish to use layers outside of those adjustments (such as so you can sharpen one area of a photo on one layer and remove noise only from a certain area on another photo - I find this far easier to do with the layermask than with the selection wizard
think i need to go on an intense trainign course!
My advice - focus on the camera end of things first.
you can always edit a shot later - but if you have not got the shot - well you can't edit it then no matter how good you are at it ;)

have you seen if there are any local photography groups you can join? failing that there are often nightschools and such that offer photography courses
love the work on your blog by the way overread. Do you shoot these foxes in the wild or at some centre?
yes i have recently joined a local photo group, very good so far, went to a good talk by joe cornish the other night, very inspiring
Thanks :)
The foxes are all from the British Wildlife Centre - so zoo foxes one and all (its also the same place that LostProphet goes for his otters). I do hope to get a chance for some wild fox work but its going to take some learning, time and a longer lens I feel (70-200mm + 1.4TC is great in zoos but just a shade too short in the wild)
very good, in some ways trying to capture stuff like this in the wild is not easy, i mean you could wait for the conditions and not see the animal or see the animal and its raining and windy as usual here in the uk. Im considering going to a falconry centre in the midlands, at least its a good way to practice in case i get the chance to see these things in the wild!
Certainly - and don't kid yourself that its any easier in a zoo and is "cheating" - backgrounds and bars add their own levels of difficulty and the only difference to the wilds is that the animals are in a fixed location - they can still show you their backside or hide away ;)

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