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Oct 12, 2007
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Gilberts, IL
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Hi guys.

Help me out here. What do you think about those? I think I'm missing something, what would you change about those two photos.


I think the first one isn't the best angle for a materinity shot; the fact that she's pregnant doesn't really get conveyed because of angle & composition. The second one isn't bad, but I feel the flare is a little over-strong, and I'd like to see at least 1/3 of the RH side cropped off to reduce the empty space in the image. I do like the inclusion of the raptor however, I think that adds a really good, subtle background element.
The composition of the first is not really flattering for the mom-to-be.

Raptor? Unsure, but it does add to the image and a RH crop would benefit.
I'll agree with the guys above with the first one, the angle just is not good.

2 I like. I actually quite like the lens flare and the dreamy lighting, I agree that the dead space on the rhs should be cropped out too, but I find the bird destracting when your main focus is the subject, I don't thing it adds anything either.
I like the bird, but not where the bird is. I would move it ;). The image is way to washed out. Have you added blacks?
Thanks for the input guys, I'll try it and see how it looks.

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