Preventing passage of light and causing it to change direction.


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Apr 16, 2010
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Hermitage, PA
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Very, very cool idea! I really like it. I do like the second better, though because the skin color in the first makes the baby look...almost like its made from wax. Id love some info on your setup here. Im super intrigued.

Easy shot to get. Black background and Plexiglas. Then it's just a little adjusting in lightroom and poof!
I am not diggin' the toning on the top shot of the baby, but it is a striking effect. The photo itself however is a fine one, and will some day become a treasured family heirloom. People will ask what studio made the image, and your kid will say, "My dad took that of me, back in twenty-ten."

The blue-eyed,blue collared cat, one of a litter of six cloned kitties (you fooled me last night!)...hmmm...I'd crop a little bit of space off of the top, so that the cat itself becomes larger and more dominant in the frame.
Lighting, etc? Did you have the plexiglass lying ontop of something black, or something with something black draped over it I mean? I feel like this could get interesting.

I absolutely LOOOVE the first shot, and the idea and creativity behind it. The plexiglass was a great idea. I'd love to know more about the big of a sheet of glass, what's under it..what's in the backdrop...settings etc.
You've really gone far with your shots..noticing a huge improvment, quickly. Great job!!! Can't wait to see more! :)
Here is a more natural looking version of the baby photo.


And here are a couple of images from the shoot kinda showing the set-up.


Erose... My wife just plays with him... He is very intense and will give you his full attention for as long as you desire. I must have taken 100 shots of him to get this one and one other that I thought was nice enough.
nice set up! :D makes me wanna buy some plexi glass lol i dont have any off cam lighting though...oh well.

you did really good, whats the wife think of them?

No need for the lighting. Just use a north or south facing window and a reflector (I use white foam board).

My Wife LOVES the photos. Just feel bad that we don't have the same kinds of photos of our 3yo at this age.

What if I don't have a cat? Can I still use this set up? :lol:

Nice shots all, but I prefer the natural looking baby pic.

I guess... Not sure if it will work without the cat in the room but you can try!

Ya, I think I like the natural look also.
I'm so glad for the natural baby! The other one creeped me out! These are GREAT SHOTS tho!
Nice job man.. It is nice to see you always do something new every week! :thumbup:
Very simple. Seems nice. As for the lights...speedlights? How were they pointed?

Sorry to nag..Im just a bit intrigued.


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