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Jul 13, 2003
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Sorry D100 again.... i see different prices for cameras ...... in my country(belgium) it seems the prices are quit high so my question was how much do i pay for a D100 Nikon in your country??? So if the differnce is too much i prefer to spend the money i pay less in that country to use it for a flight ...... thanks everybody to phone at your local dealer and to ask for his price.... :lol: just kidding..... btw the way the price here is about 2500 Euro which means the same in dollars i think
I would look online at places like b and h photo, and other online retailers. They will most likely have a much better price than any store front.
enigma is right. Check online retailers here in the US. Their prices are the lowest, however the shipping is going to be quite a bit higher to Europe. You may still be able to save money anyway.
Hi QP,
There are on-line sources here for less than $1,400 (1250 Euro's approx.) but that's for the US market and the warranty is for the US.
I'm sure that there'd be some customs duty applied if you acquired one here and then shipped it to Belgium so what the bottom line would be I don't know.

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