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Sep 30, 2011
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A friend of a friend ask me to take some photos of her kid on the park,

She like a few photos and ask me to print them.

Total is (18) 4x6 and (14) 5x7

In the local photo lab they print with Lustre finish

The total comes out to be $24.52 with out tax I assume

How I figure out how much should I charge her, since I will be sending the photos and Picking up the photos at the lab?

Thanks a lot in advance, any tips will be greatly appreciated.
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$24.52 plus sales tax.

Otherwise it varies by market (your profile doesn't include your location), photographer skill, and the photographer's reputation.

The normal way a business sets prices is by determining it's cost-of-doing-business (CODB - non-reimbursed business expenses + employee salaries) an the cost-of-goods-sold (COGS).

Any business that just pulls numbers out of the air is likely to quickly fail unless the business is supported with other income.
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Thanks, is not a business. I'm just curious how much should I charge above the print price for doing the work of getting her the prints after all i'm paying for gas and my time. Since is not a business I don't count it as my income, so I don't calculate employe salaries

I guess I could do it simple and charge $10/hr of my time which it's what is gonna take to send and pick up the photos. I don't live to close to the photo lab. That would be 35 for 32 prints
If you're charging for your time, it's a business. Why not simply ask for the cost of the prints, a reasonable amount for fuel, and have him/her take you out to supper?

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