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Mar 22, 2009
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Hi all!

I think that I am in the market for a new printer for my home and was interested if anyone had any recommendations. Currently I am using the HP 2570 that we have had since before I got into photography. I am getting VERY frustrated however, because no matter what I do to my pictures, they are printing out EXACTLY the same, with a horrible flourescent red tint to them. I have a monitor calibration kit in use, but that doesn't seem to be helping, I changed the ink cartridges to no avail, & so my next thought is to get a new printer that is better suited for my needs.

I don't want to spend a large amount of money. We typically use the printer for documents (must have scanner/copier function). But since I am new to photography and learning to edit, I am uncomfortable sending my pics to a print shop to be printed and not know what I am getting. I prefer to print here at home to make sure that it looks good before I send to a professional printer.

I would appreciate any advice that you might have!

Thanks and have a great week!

Get a printer for your documents and send the photos out to be printed.

You are not going to buy a printer as good as a lab and unless you are printing as much as a smallish studio you aren't going to save any money either.

For photos, I really wouldn't look at anything but the hi end Epsons and Canons. remember too that your printer is only as good as the ink and paper you use.

You can get a lot of photos printed for the $1000 or so you would have to invest.

Try or a lab near you.

Get a printer for your documents and send the photos out to be printed.
I agree.

I am getting VERY frustrated however
This is exactly the reason you should start using a good lab. A good lab strives to be that if you don't like your prints, you can make adjustments on your end...and know what to expect. That should be a lot less frustrating than trying to figure out if it's your processing, your monitor or your printer that are messing you up.

Also, many labs will give you their printer profile, which you can use to 'soft proof' your image before sending them for print.

Keep in mind that when you figure in the costs of good ink & good's not really more expensive to print at a lab...especially considering the quality is probably better from a lab.
I've got about 15 years of experience building computers, installing equipment, etc. I was a huge fan of HP printers, but lately I'm starting to like Brother's much more.

I agree with sending your photos out. Even taking them to walgreens to get printed might be cheaper than running off a crappy copy on your home printer.

I'd recommend getting a black and white all-in-one laser (much cheaper and more reliable than inkjets). I've got the Brother 1720N which has a scanner, which I can access from Picasa, Photoshop Elements... any program that will see a scanner.

Here is the 1740, which replaced the 1720 - read the reviews here on Newegg.

This is a wireless and network printer, which means you can have it in another room, or connected to your network with a wire... but not have to connect it to a particular computer and then "share" it... it is it's own device on the network, which is a huge advantage. I love this printer!
For photo printing Epson for sure. We have a 4800 and it's amazing. We also have a 1280 still and a 4000. Next on the list is the monster. ;)

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