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Sep 27, 2010
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Philadelphia, PA
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Hello All – I have a quick printing question that I’m hoping someone can answer...

On a recent visit to Huntington Beach, I discovered a photography exhibit for Aaron Chang at the Shorebreak Hotel.

His photos are absolutely beautiful and he used a printing technique that I had never seen before. It looked to me like his photos were printed on aluminum and then somehow covered with a flush plexiglass OR they were printed directly onto the glass. I attempted contacting Aaron but he has not responded to my questions...:grumpy:

Anyway, I’m an amateur photographer and I want to get a few of my photographs printed using the same technique that he uses. My questions are:

Does anyone know what type of prints he uses?
Does anyone know of a print shop that prints directly onto glass?
Yes, Printing on Aluminum is getting more and more popular.
Thank you for your responses....

I found out that the prints that I saw were printed on acrylic and had some type of clear back frame. I don’t fully understand how it’s done but a company in San Diego called Digital One created the process. The actual technique is cumbersome and rare, but the results are amazing! You have to see it in person! They will make prints for anyone but the minimum order is $100


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