Printing red comes out TOO HOT (please help a n00b)

Discussion in 'Graphics Programs and Photo Gallery' started by dlifesjrny, Feb 4, 2005.

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    I have a Dell A940, I can't find anywhere at all to adjust colors. The photos all print out a little too "rich", but a photo of some red peppers practically glowed in the dark.
    I sent the file to a friend, they printed it out on a Canon S9000, and it looks just like the file, it printed great.
    I have brand new ink and glossy Dell paper.
    I will scan the photos to show you comparisons when I get home.
    Any help is greatly appreciated in advance!

    For what it's worth, I was on with Dell today for 3 hours, and they are of no help. THe language barrier doesn't seem to make it easier, either.

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    I don't know why you are getting that problem, but you can always adjust the colors of your photo before you print it, since you are getting the same problem on every print. Add cyan and blue to the photos to cool them off a bit and try printing again. Every printer has a range of color and density that it can reproduce. What color space are you outputting the photos in if any? Adobe RGB is a very warm, wide color space.
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    Or pull back on the Red or Magenta.

    Like Digital Matt said, printers always represent colours differently. One brand will print different from another.

    The easiest things to try would be an adjustment before printing and another print of the same model but different printer.

    Maybe you got a printer from a bad batch. A test print from another of the same model would show this.

    If that isn't possible, an adjustment is the best option. This depends a little on what program you're printing from, but from Photoshop you could use curves, levels, or color balance (I'm sure there are others too). Since its always the same amount of red, I'd go so far as to make an action so it always turned out the same. You could even add the "Print" command as the final instruction in your action.

    Its just a matter of going through 10 or 20 prints and finding the correction that works best.

    Very weird that there's no print level adjustment though...

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