Prison Break


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Jan 24, 2006
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I took this shot at an abandoned prison somewhere in germany...

any C&C would be welcome... I dod have the same shot without a person in it, but i'm not sure which one is better..

Doesn't so much say "break" as "solace" to me, but interesting shot.
Spako <- easily one of our very best photographers here on this forum!
Which is proven (once again) by this photo!
How on earth do you a) KNOW where there are abanadoned places such as this one and b) get in there?
thank you LaFoto ;-)

Well I actually always get dragged along to these places by some friends of mine who always seem to find where there are abandoned places around.. i've actually already spend some time in my car to get to some of these locations...

Now to get into this prison was quite easy.. i just had to climb through an open window... I was more concerned about not getting locked in in one of those isolation cells ... there was no way of getting the door back open once it was closed... but i got out fine ;-)
What a creepy shot! I love it :) I would have been too scared to set foot in there, let alone get my camera out and spend time getting a shot while I was in. lol

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