Prisoner on the Loose - long exposure

idk... don't feel anything when I look at it except... I think is overprocessed and I don't know what color is doing here

anyway jmo
I get more Old Coal Mine or something spooky then prisoner on the loose especially with the clothing he is wearing.I love the idea but think it would have been a little better if it was not for the blown light behind him as its casting to much white blotches on him and of course a different title.JMO
I don't get 'prisoner' at all from this, but I think that the concept is good, it just needs a bit of refinement; mostly in the lighting. I think if the red were gone, and that large light behind him removed, and he was instead lit by a rim light and a small fill, just enough so that we could see a hint of facial features and mood (fear, tension, etc), you'd really be on to something.
the only thing i get from this is: photomatix
I like the effect. But to me it reads 'ghost afoot'. Tis the season!
All I see is flare.
Definitely a different style.

I know a lot of people like using flare for artistic effect it's just not my style.

I don't really pick up on the prisoner vibe but overall, it's an interesting shot for sure.

Thanks for sharing!

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