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Dec 2, 2007
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My son got his basketball pictures taken today. The photographer had his camera hooked up to his computer and the photo would immediately appear on the computer where he could see it in better detail and keep the photos organized. What software is used to input the orders and keep track of all the photos?
i own a canon dslr and it has an eos utility which will show the pic as soon as i take it. i can also take the pic from the computer and change some of the camera's settings.
It's called tethering, i'm pretty sure capture one does it too.

I had a conversation with a Fashion shooter and she was telling me when she works with nordstrom, she will have people there who do the post-production during shooting so the Nordstrom people can see what's going on and i'm pretty sure she said that Capture one was able to do the tethering and PP.

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