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Feb 2, 2012
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Of a few pictures, are they taken with a professional camera, or, more likely by a sony xperia.. I'm looking for expert opinion on a few pictures I have, can anyone help with some tips? I once got told by a professional photographer that in a SLR-type camera the background on pics will appear larger if they are further into the background.. Apart from this, I have no knowledge of other clues to look for in the pics.. So i'm looking for expert and informed opinion please. Would someone like to leave some tips as for clues? I'd like a trained eye on them please. Thanks in advance :)
welcome to the forum
aight, i'll post it on here, 2 secs. i was hoping to send by PM only, but i'm not too bothered about it.
and thanks.

I've been thinking of getting one for a while myself, did a wee bit of looking into it, saw reasonable prices and a good buying guide. I've got great scenic views about my ends.
this picture, is it taken with a professional camera? i think it is..
What is your goal here?

The background can appear different with different lenses, closer or further, but the one you posted could've been shot with a camera phone.
to catch someone out telling me lies. someone else was supposedly not there with their prof camera, this pic i think says it is. the quality on FB is much better than on PB, that a poor quality pic. the original i have to view is much better, quality of background is magnificent. The ***** is dead.
This seems like an amazing waste of our time... Do you have an actual purpose here. This could be shot with an number of cameras. Whether Professional or camera phone...
wow.... that sounds like a homocidal threat! I am so glad we have about ten cops, and 3 FBI agents that hang out here! ;)
I'm really confused. I sure hope I'm not the only one.

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