Professional Photographer Mag - Hot One pics for 2009


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Dec 15, 2008
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Professional Photographer magazine announced their Hot One picks for 2009.

Professional Photographer Magazine - Great Photography Articles & Photographer Product Reviews

Ok, I get the 5D Mark II. It's new, its exciting. It has video.

But the Rebel tied with the D90?

I would think the D90 would have taken the honors for its class over the Rebel... odd.

odd... i would think the D90 would win too. what are the reasons for a tie? needed to keep the nikon/canon feud going?
Seeing as professional photographers should be sticking to there high end toys, Im not sure that this list goes any farther than a quick comparison on paper between the two. Anyone whos used both would assure you that the D90 is a far more powerful tool. Would have made more sense to put it up against a 50D and even still better low noise/high iso on the 90.

My two cents!
The magazine is bought out by advertisers, that's why.
At least the 50D would have been a better comparison. I really don't get the Rebel.

Perhaps it's one of those "the D700 got it last year so lets give it to the 5DMk2 this year" things... I guess the Rebel and the D90 were up next at the same time. :)
Lets face it. Some of the most horrid products have received rave reviews from magazines. Who cars why it is either money under the table, or just plain stupidity, but in reality the only unbiased opinion there can be is your own opinion when you have both products in your hand.
Right you are, Garbz.
Reviews might be not as honest as you are when holding the camera in your hands.

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