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Apr 29, 2010
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I'm pitching to the studio to pay for a 2 year membership for Images for the Cure. What I am pitching is for the Studio to sponsor me, along with anyone else interested, by paying for the fee, and comping the studio rental fee.

How this charity works is for one day, you book clients and the session fee is paid as a donation to the Charity, the photog can still charge for prints.

I am trying to pitch so that all photogs participating in this must order prints through the StudioOwner, at a set prices, with the owner keeping a small % hopefully to reimburse some of his cost?

I know some photogs are picky as who they order prints from, but the owner makes his own prints, or if he doesnt want that job, we can order from mpix at a set price, with a % still going back to the owner, a small percent, such as 20% or so...

So would that be something you as a professional would be interested in?

Free studio time, donation of session fee to the cause (this is done by the client via an online payment link so the photog never touches the fee), but ordering prints at a set cost through the owner with him keeping a %?
As with any charitable cause, it has merit, but I would have concerns: First, how do I know that the person is entitled to this? Do they bring something from their medical practicticioner confirming their condition, or? Are there set limits with respect to studio time, poses, changes of clothing, etc?

The other thing that puzzles me is that you mention a membership fee. If were the studio owner, I would likely be willing to waive the studio fee, and to allow you to perform the work while still being paide as an employee, but having to pay a fee to make a charitable contribution? That seems a little odd to me.
I think she means all the clients that come in that day not just ones with cancer.
yes, the session fee is donated by the client directly to the charity.

This is for Images for a Cure, so not some rinky no name charity.
I think she means all the clients that come in that day not just ones with cancer.

Ahhh... okay. I'm clear on that now. Having done a little more research, I can say categorically that were I in a position to participate, I most certainly would not for the following reasons:

1. I do not like organizations which purport to support the curing of only one type of cancer. And yes, I am fully aware of the statistics regarding breast-cancer.

2. Expecting a photographer/studio-owner to donate a day's worth of session fees, and to have to pay for the privilege is unreasonable. Granted they allow you some advertising privileges which may be worth the cost, but this seems far more business-minded than charity-minded.

3. This line quoted from their ToU: "Images for a Cure, Inc. is a business incorporated in the state of Florida. Images for a Cure, Inc. is not currently registered as a non-profit organization..." Yes, I have read the line which says that they intend to become a non-profit society, but then I intend to win the lottery.

4. I can find no evidence of any sort of financial statement on-line which makes me wonder exactly how much of their total income goes to "... support the Images for a Cure, Inc. administration and will be used for, but not limited to: further expand the organization, promotional and marketing materials, advertising, website development, public relations, workshops, payment of legal fees, and other administration fees as deemed reasonable by the Board of Directors for Images for a Cure, Inc."

The unfortunate reality of the times is that there are a huge number of "fund-raising" organizations which solicit funds uner the name of a host of worthy causes, but wind up spending the bulk of the money on "administrative" costs. I am not in any way suggesting that Images for a Cure is such an organization, rather that there is not enough information to the contrary to make me comfortable. I would suggest that the end would be far better served by individual or groups of photographers undertaking this sort of task and then donating the money directly to a known charitable cancer-research organization.
I agree with tirediron. I would only deal with non profits as far as charity is concerned, and I would be careful at that. And as far as the comment about small rinky dink charities is concerned, you'd have a better shot at dealing with an honest charity trying to actually do something if you went with a "small rinky dink" charity.
HUM, that is an EXCELLENT point! I did not even see that!

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