Puerto Rican Sunset: 1 Photo, 2 Edits

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Jul 12, 2010
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Maryland, US
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So, i've been going over photos taken from my honeymoon last October, which was just a dreadful time (I contracted swine flu WHILE ON my honeymoon), and so there wasn't much touristing going on while we were in San Juan, PR. Then the times I get enough strength to go, I look like utter crap...so the honeymoon pictures are a bit of a sore spot for me.

Anyway, I found some photos that I liked and did some post-processing to straigthen out, add contrast, adjust exposure, etc. I used Oloneo (which I think is pretty cool and in free beta) to edit. I kinda prefer the first edit, I think the color is a little more "true" to the original taken. The wife prefers the second edit, as she said the reds were more prevalent in her memory. I was the one with H1N1, so I suppose she's right?:lol:

So along with any C & C, which do you prefer?


On very first sight I believe the first is truer to nature than the second, although you say that YOU were the one with H1N1 and therefore might no longer remember right. But somehow I think that a person with a fever sees things as reddish as your second edit... ;) Things seem to be a bit upside down regarding this photo, your edits, and your memories ;).
Bummer to be contracting ANY flu (or even a head cold, mind you) during one's honeymoon!!!
I didnt like the bottom of #1 or the top of #2, so I combined them. This is the top half of #1, normal blend mode, 50% opacity on top of the full image #2:

I'd say first although the combined image looks good

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