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Question about corrective lenses and photgraphy


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Oct 11, 2010
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Fort Worth
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I am just wondering what you guys think about people who corrected vision that are just starting out with photography and how it works when you try to take a picture. Does one with glasses take them off when viewing through an eye cup I mean because that's what you pretty much have to do right?

And the most important part, does the photo come out blurry since it's what you are seeing without your glasses?

Thanks for any help in this question.

the only think you need to do is adjust the viewfinder
As Lcarsx32, I use the diopter wheel to correct for my bad vision and shoot with my glasses off. It does not affect the picture in any way.
i never use my glasses when shooting, i have adjusted the diopter to match what the glass would show. These days it is nice to have a built in diopter as years ago we had to buy one and then when your eyes changed it meant buying another.
Thanks all for the replies! Very useful info and something I did not know.

It depends a lot on whether you can see the entire frame (field of view of the camera) with your glasses on. I prefer to keep my glasses on and both eyes open, but there are some cameras that need one's eye so close to the viewfinder to see the full field of view that you can't use glasses.

I leave my glasses on, I wish I could adjust the camera for my vision, but I have an astygmatism in both eyes, so naturally, I can't get the diopter adjusted to see as clearly without as with the glasses on.
I wear my eyeglasses when shooting.

When I am physically hot, and it is humid out, my eyeglasses will fog up when I have to squeeze up close due to the angle I may be looking through the viewfinder.

Otherwise I do not see much of an issue.

The bigger issue I have to deal with is, I am blind in one eye and cannot see out of the other eye....:confused:

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