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    I am looking at potentially signing a contract with Redferns (music/concert photography agency), but I am unsure if I should go ahead and finalize it. I have not worked with an agency before so I am a little unclear on some things. My biggest concern is it is a World territory, so I want to know whether or not my live images will be exclusive to Redferns, or if I will be able to sell them to other publications and clients? Would this just be restricted to assignments I get from them/confirmed coverage? Redferns' response to this was not clear enough for me, and went:

    "You have the option to tell us where we may sell your images. If you already have contacts in the USA then that;'s fine. If at some stage in the future you get an agent in Romania, all you have to do is tell us and we won't sell your pictures there. All we want to avoid is us both selling hard in the same territories."

    It is a 3 year term, and I get 50% of net receipts. I'm not sure how this compares with the rest of the industry, so I guess I'm hoping someone might be able to run that down for me too. I have had a tough time selling my work recently so I'm hoping for something to boost it, but I don't want to make a mistake either. I'd appreciate any help...

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    50% of net is so-so . . .

    We've bought tons of stock photography over the course of my career and our biggest stumbling block was in negotiating for residual useage. THAT is where artists (photographers, actors, voice-overs) make their serious money.

    I would ask this bunch what THEY charge their clients for residual useage and if that is included as part of their net, and if they charge for the residual up front for an x-amount of months/quarters/years contract (most do) or if they do renewals on options.

    Several things to consider:

    1. You're not selling much, if any, of your work at present. What can this hurt?

    2. Your work is under contract to Redfern--not you. That means you can still shoot new work and do with it as you wish, which would even include selling to other stock houses.

    I will tell you right now, the stock world is tough and getting tougher thanks to the internet, so manage your expectations and don't count on the stockhouse to sell a blessed thing for you. And what that means is to keep shooting and keep hustling on your own.

    Good luck.

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