Quick Help please!! Canon Rebel XS VS Nikon D5000


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Aug 9, 2010
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I just bought the Nikon D5000 with standard lens (18-55). I just found out today that I can get a Canon Rebel XS with case and extra 75-300 lens for about 300 bucks less than I paid for the Nikon. Let me say this is just my first SLR and I intend to upgrade in a year or two once I figure out the camera and all the other stuff..

Would you go with the Canon or the Nikon? I have to make my decision quickly so any help would be really appreciated!

I like my Canon XS and the awesome bag that came with it. Unfortunately I didn't get the 75-300 lens with it. I'd probably go with the Canon because of the extra lens/less cost. Then again I really like Canon products. You're gonna get like 5million replies about Canon vs. Nikon. You'll just be more confused than ever. (I know from experience! :D)
I prefer Nikon. But, since you plan on "upgrading". Why not save some money now and learn how a DSLR works by buying the Canon. Then put that saved money aside towards the "upgrade". Just my 2 cents. By the way im new here. frequent troll, first time poster. HI to all.
i have a nikon d5000 and i think its great, but you should make this choice depending on what you want to upgrade to in the future. Do you want to upgrade to nikon or canon in the future? if you buy the canon you'll most likely upgrade to a better canon or else you'll just have to sell all your gear.

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