1. Trevor Harris

    Nikon Flash Technology

    Hey all, My gear is about 10 years out of date and I've been considering upgrading. I currently shoot Nikon D300s, I have a Nikon Flash, a yongnuo flash, and yongnuo triggers to run the system. I would have thought that by now Nikon would have: a) A body to trigger Nikon flashes WITHOUT the...
  2. gossamer

    Portraits with 2-light setup results in blown out background

    I have a D500 with a 24-70mm, an SB700 plus a YONGNUO YN560 IV speedlight on a small tripod for fill lighting against a white backdrop, and trying to create a basic headshot. The YONGNUO flash is set as a slave to trigger on the SB700 flash. The SB700 is set to 1/2, although I've tried many...
  3. C

    Flash Overcoming Bright Backgrounds

    Here's a question about managing flash in a very bright window setting. We are used to continuous light in film and video. When we have a super bright background like a bank of windows with subjects in the foreground, we usually ND the windows and then light the foreground to get the right...
  4. Testing off-camera flash

    Testing off-camera flash

  5. Markw

    Paul C Buff Einstein 640ws Strobe and 47” Octabox

    Getting out of studio work. Flash functions perfectly and has newly-replaced modeling bulb. Pickup in MD/DE/NJ/SouthEastern PA, or buyer pays shipping from DE. $400 obo. Best, Mark
  6. J

    speedlite 430ex won't adjust luminosity

    Hey guys, so I own a canon speedlite 430ex, and was at first trying it in the camera hotshoe in TTL. it worked fine, but soon I wanted to get it of camera to light subjects from a different angle. to fire the flash I use a hahnel captur. with the trigger the flash cannot work in TTL, so it...
  7. B

    SOLD/NO LONGER FOR SALE/ PRO FLASH EQUIPMENT email: [email protected] - $230 for ALL (Carle Place)

    I HAVE USED THESE DYNALITE ELECTRONIC FLASH UNITS ON LOCATION AND IN-STUDIO SUCCESSFULLY FOR MANY YEARS. START YOUR OWN STUDIO OR ADD TO WHAT YOU HAVE. THREE (3) of the 6 are FAN-COOLED! Each tested to work. Modeling lamps included. Extension cable for each. Sync cord for battery included. Light...
  8. M

    photos turn dark when external flash is on

    im using canon t31 and sunpack digiflash 3000. when i take pictures with my external flash, i sometimes get images that are to dark even though the flash was fired at the time the photo was taken. so i tried this, i took photos with different shutter speeds. I was shooting manual for all photos...
  9. Jethro1360

    off camera flash setup......?

    I hope I'm in the right section for this.... I have a Nikon d5100 and just bought a SB600 speedlight. I want to have an off camera setup but not sure if they're compatible with my camera. I'm looking at these...
  10. M

    Flash System Recommendation (Not too many bells and whistles)

    Hi I'm new here. I tried to google a bit, but google doesn't seem to do the trick. I'm looking for flash system that I can use on multiple camera brands. I've noticed in my research lots are limited to certain brand. I want the system to be Useable on location/Accu/Battery Accessory friendly...
  11. Timppa

    Sb700 or Sb910

    Hi! I wanted to continue another thread of mine that went bit oftopic (from lens to flash). I want to buy my first flash, I have read so much about the sb700 and 910 , I don't know what to choose! I can basicly get them for the same money (used, around 200eur). So, money is not the problem. The...
  12. D

    Shooting ETTL with a A7III camera

    Hi guys! My gear is the following: Sony a73 (Camera) + Godox TT685S (Speedlight) + Godox XProS TTL (Wireless flash trigger) I use flash in my portrait photography all the time. In dark environment, sometimes the flash output is too strong, even at minimal power (1/256), and my subject is...
  13. MVPernula

    Sony A7ii flash equipment

    Heya! So I was asked if I'm willing to shoot some portraits and groups shots of people from a local gym, they basically want to refresh their site but keep the same feeling of the photos they have now. That means I have to shoot with studio lights, and I haven't done that since high school. I...
  14. H

    Painting with flash

    Hello, I am looking for a flash like the Vivitar 283 circa 1980 that does two things: 1. senses light reflectance and exposures accordingly 2. does not sense reflectance but dumps a full charge that has the same large luminance every time. Useful for painting with light. Can't remember what...
  15. A

    Cheap compact digital cameras with good flash capability?

    Apologies if it isn't entirely in the spirit of the forum to be seeking a cheap camera with basic capabilities! To explain, I generally use film for more 'creative' photography, but a digital camera can of course be useful in many situations. I have a compact Kodak camera that's sometimes OK ...
  16. Dyslexicbloke

    Flash for wildlife - Nikon body.

    Hi folks, first post... I currently have a D90 and have decided to upgrade to a D7200 I know it isn't the best but it is there best I can afford, used, and it's a big improvement on the D90, not that that is bad in the first place. I know basically nothing about flash photography, over and...
  17. H

    Rebel 2000 Pop Up Flash Not Firing

    I have been looking around to find a solution to my problem. I have not been able to find any information on any Canon camera that has been of any use. I'm asking here to see if anyone can give some ideas as to my problem. I am also very new to photography. I have only been shooting film for the...
  18. S

    Ring light recommendations

    Hi! I’m in the market to buy a ring light but I don’t know much about them. All I know is that the internet is flooded with very cheap ones to try and attract wannabe vloggers. I’m very into fashion photography and portraits. What am I looking for when buying one? How does the diameter size...
  19. D

    Help needed with remote flash

    Hey guys! I'm testing out the remote setting on my SB-700 with my Nikon D-7100. I have the flash and camera on the same channel and the flash goes off remotely just fine, but for some reason the shutter doesn't take the photo at the same time as the flash. The flash will go off, but my photos...
  20. tgs.photography

    Group Shot Lighting Help

    Ok, so here's the deal. I've been tasked at my staff retreat this year to photograph the group of about 35 people indoor in an extremely poorly lit environment. I have one speedlight; an Altura AP-C1001 ETTL that I rarely use because I don't take many portraits (of humans) and I tend to stick...