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Oct 1, 2016
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I currently have a Canon 80D with a mixed bag of ef-s (Canon 10-18, 24, 18-55 and Rokinon 16) and ef lenses ( Canon 40, Tamron 100-400 and 150-600 G2). I am looking at one of these cameras to upgrade. The R and R7 are currently the same price. The R6 would be a bit of a reach but could be done. I would be purchasing any of these with a kit lens. I don't do video or very little so I'm not concerned with any of that.
Any opinions on these three options would be appreciated.
I lean towards the R7 since it is newer and seems to have some nice features. The R is appealing for the price even though it lacks some features of the other two. The R6 is a little bit of a reach and seems to be between the other two as far as features. I'd just have to save a little longer for it.
I have the R6 and use EF lenses with the converter ring. The eye focus is very good with people. The pet eye focus has problems with my schnauzers. Maybe because they have the fluffy eye brow cut?
I have the R7 with the ef-r adapter, because all my lenses are ef, and they all work normally. So far, I like the R7, with the only quirk having been the focus point would wander all over the area. I think I finally got that settled, and now it is in the middle of the image area where I want it. Haven't tried it on my dogs yet, but it does an excellent job of finding the eyes on the birds and squirrels.

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