Rabbits and my Golden fishing


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Jun 10, 2013
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I am trying to learn the basics of my new camera (D3200) and this morning I utilized the "guide" mode, choosing the mode for close-ups. I am trying to get those crisp, clear, focused shots - and although I feel like my images are getting better, I'm still not there yet. I love the cute factor of the rabbit picture - but it seems noisy to me.
My dog, Sophie is one of my favorite subjects! She loves to watch the fish - and I ventured in myself to my knees to get a better angle this morning.
I am wondering if the guide mode is a "crutch" I should stay away from, or if I should utilize it?

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The 'Guide Mode' can definitely be a good learning tool. Once you feel you're understanding more, then try shooting without it and see how things go. There's certainly nothing wrong these images for beginner shots. They're focused, well exposed, and show that you're thinking about your composition.

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