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Abby Rose

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Feb 17, 2010
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yeah, ok, I did almost no work here whatsoever because I used the automatic panorama thinger on pse 8... I just did a little adjustment with the blacks and sharpness on the final product. Added some blur, too, to try and cut down on the grain. Interesting, though, I think (but I do love clouds), and not too horrible quality-wise for jpeg files taken practically in the dark. Also, it was pouring rain. :) It's only the second panorama I've tried out with the program, and I'm fairly pleased with what it can do.

Here are the three it was made from, SOOC... that last one could definitely be a little clearer but unfortunately it was the only exposure I took at that angle. The other angles I took about 6 of each, so I had more to choose from.



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That's awesome. Made me think I really need to shoot a pano soon. I've always loved them and haven't shot one in a few months actually.
I think it's way cooler than just one shot to do for landscapes because you can get so much more in the picture. You get the full view of the storm here. The regular-sized ones just don't show it the way I'd like to remember it. I think I have a decent place for panoramas - this one was a little way out my back door at home. An unobstructed view! Its unusual to get a good storm view there though, because they usually come from the west and this is all facing more or less east. This particular storm came from the north, and I have another set of a storm this summer that also came from the north that I'm going to run through this program as well.

Here's the other one. More or less the same spot, though I think I could have done better getting the edge of the field in and maybe some more to the right.


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