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Nov 20, 2008
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St.Peters, Missouri
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okay so long story short I took this for my color photo class, where the photo either had to only contain two colors, or two colors had to dominate the composition. This one was on the lower end of the ones i chose, but the more i look at the more i like it for some reason. anyway let me know what ya think!
it think it is nice, i like where you placed the hole in the frame. you focus could be better though, its a little blurry in some important parts though, like the bottom of the hole.
thank you, yea i noticed the bottom of the hole and some other parts are out of focus, next time i head down there im gonna try and redo the shot, a few different ways.
If you look closely,inside the hole there is a face on the left side..Looks kind of like a pig face to me...Just thought i would throw that out there.
on the bottom right I see a dog face too.

And is the bottom out of focus or is it perfectly in focus and its just the way the wall looks???

No matter what, its a good picture. I love simple shots. I would never think that half of what I would take as a simple shot would look any good so I dont shoot it, it must take a lot of skill to shoot things so simple.
No the bottom is out of focus, Im planin on hitting up the same area tomorrow. The way I usually Work around something im not sure if i wanna shoot or not, is to shoot it from many different angles, actually thats the way i go at just about anything, Sometimes you find an angle you wouldnt think would work.
How can the center of the wall in focus and lower part out of focus? I guess it is caused by Dept of Field. Try it again by closing the aperture more.

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