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Jul 30, 2010
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some CC would be cool lol. Riding my bike in a neighborhood and saw this in someone's backyard. just gave it a tint, no big deal.

This is a really cool photo. But for some reason I feel disappointed, like I was expecting something at the end of that pier?
im curious...what would have fulfilled your expectations? a couple sitting at the end, kissing? a beautiful Yacht?
haha I've no idea. not sure what I was expecting there!

Anyways, I guess it's just me!
It looks a lot like sepiatone, and as such it sorta has an olde-time feel to it.

The three radio masts kill the tranquil feel to the picture. I'd consider maybe cropping out the house on the far left at the tree.
I like it. Love the angle you shot it at. I could just see a small boy and his father with fishing poles walking hand in hand down the pier towards the water. Great picture!
Love the deck as a leading line however it only leads to a underexposed area of the photo...like some black hole...I got drawn in and now I can't get out...I've passed the event horizon...next time...look for something to draw the eye to other than a patch of blackness...other than that...this photo would have rocked like a **** in a sock...in fact...attempt another angle where that deck leads the eyes to that house in the bg...okay? and pp those towers on the right out...
I like the shot the way it is. Composed it well and the effect helps it along. As mentioned earlier though those radio towers don't help the old-time feel of the picture so I'd clone them out in PPing.

In a morose sort of way, the picture is like a bleak outlook of life haha. You walk along, hoping to find something by then end, then fall off..i.e die.

No emo intended ;)
No main focal point to anchor the image. The bright sky draws attention. The bright water draws attention. The pier draws attention. There needs to be something that says "I'm the center of interest - look at me the most!". I agree with others that a subject on the pier (beginning or end) would have been the the ticket. I don't want to just imagine it. I want to see it.
i love all the CC i got. thanks alot guys!! i was completely by myself when i took this so i WISH there was a father and son walking down there w fishing poles. great idea. As far as those 3 poles, absolutely right, i should have made them disappear. Thanks for the criticism.

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