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Jan 16, 2012
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Thanks in advance for any input ... cheers!



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I know its meant to be B&W, but I still can't help but think its a bit underexposed. That and the edges around the toes appear to have been photoshopped? They just seem to stand out way more then the other portions. Also, the "pointy" shadows on the right are a bit distracting to me. I like the concept though!
I love the idea and I too have tried to get hands/feet shots; but to me, they feel sort of strange. Just a random hand/foot with no baby attached. I do think that maybe you should do some smoothing or something to the hand because it looks pretty blotchy
Besides the excess space on either side, there is a serious disconnect between the content and the style of post-processing.
Children's feet are sweet and soft and pink and lovely and cuddly and endearing, they are not graphic and shadowed and, tbh, a bit creepy and eerie looking.
thank you all for your help.. i'm learning a lot!

see first post for second attempt
I dont like the processing that much. Its a photo of a child but to me the image looks dead. I think if it was lighter and you tried to lighten up the veins or remove them, it would be better. It kinda just spooked me out some.
The processing makes the child look sickly :-/. I agree with the comment above that mentions the disconnect between the process and the subject.
As it stands, I rate it pretty low for all the reasons outlined above and probably a couple more.

If you were to rename the first attempt "Zombie Child Has Lunch" I would rate it substantially higher.

Just sayin'
When you take a photograph, what do you think? Does it make you feel a emotion? Did I capture that emotion? What do you think the photograph says to ones heart and soul? I am sorry, but it does not say anything to me. Keep trying and put you feeling in your work.

Photographs are not all about WB, over or under exposed , Like a painting, what does it say to you and everyone who views it? It does not have to be perfect, but it does have to explain, feel and touch ones mind and heart.
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thanks so much for the criticisms! I'm learning tons!
actually you know i desaturated the whole thing a little bit because i didn't like how vibrant the red was.... didn't even occur to me that i was causing the skin tones to get crazy... man i've got a long way to go but you guys are helping me tremendously... i can't thank you enough for your help!

here it its just straight from the camera raw


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