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    Ok, so, I realized that I kinda joined and just went BAM, INTO THE FORUMS, ASK QUESTIONS, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH.... and I never really formally introduced myself to the peeps here.

    So yeah, here I am, deciding to do that now, after all this time.

    I'm weird like that.

    A little about myself.... I'm a person... I have a computer... I browse forums.......



    Heh, seriously though...

    I live somewhere in the realm of Pittsburgh, PA... pretty much right next to the International Airport, which is really freakin' cool, aside from what most people say, because I get the best parking space of most everyone who goes to the Pittsburgh Airshow; My own driveway. :D ... can't really beat that. I totally LOVE Airshows and everything flying. Eventually, I want to get a pilot's license and work up towards a career in aviation (specifically, charter flight pilot), but I got a ways to go before that (freakin $$$ >.<). I currently have a degree in computer sciences and specialize in computer network engineering, but am stuck at making ends meet by working at Arbys due to lack of demand for my jobtype in my area (for now, I actually got a phone call recently about a potential job in my field... WOOT.... maybe.... maybe woot... dunno yet...)

    I'm also an avid gamer and into most anything gaming. The only MMO I play so far is EVE-Online, and even that's not too often anymore, but my favorite game types are Simulation (be it racing, Flight Simulator, or anything else, really), Strategy, and Racing (Arcade). While I primarily focus on PC gaming (and favor PC gaming in general), I WOULD be into console gaming if I could afford a new console (PS2 died awhile ago...).

    Lastly, I'm an online radio DJ at Split Infinity Radio - Get Loud, Get Mental!, a gamer-based website also into anything gaming. My schedual on there is a bit sporatic due to work, mostly, but I'm on at least once a week. If you wish to check it out, you can check the schedual there to see if I'm on. I go by the same handle I do here; GTX. I favor playing Game-based music (Original/Remixes of NES and SNES music), Alternative/Classic Rock, and J-Rock. So, if you're interested, stop on by. :D

    I think that covers the most part to see if there's anyone here with similar interests I have.

    oooo... I didn't mention much about photography... yeah, I like photography. My dad kinda got me interested in it. Mostly scenery photography than anything, or airshows/carshows. My recent purchase of a Nikon D60 was my first real step towards REAL photography... not just cheap wanna-be point-and-shoot stuff (Although, hey, that was a start...)

    So yeah........ HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!


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