RE: Doing video with the Rebel XS aka 1000D


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Jan 27, 2008
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Looks like I won't have to wait for a camera that can do video. I will still save for a couple that have the native ability but there is a program at called:

EOS Camera Movie Record

that can capture the "Live View" output of a camera that is hooked up to a computer. So as long as I have some sort of computer hooked up to the camera, I can start doing short films sooner....yay!
interesting.. what kind of resolution? Sorry, not clicking the link because I am at work.
Thats fine...its a safe site...check it at will apparently do good enough for, as I mentioned elsewhere, the youtubes...
5 minute review:

* It works
* No continuous auto-focus
* 21-22 FPS
* Can't seem to find any documentation
* AVI format: MotionJPG @ 28Mbit/sec 768 x 512
* (Obviously) No Audio :p

Neat project, could have some potential... :)
Must be a pretty new program...I shot a shaky, 10-second video...pretty impressive so I just have to monkey around with lighting...
how much better is the video compared to a $100 web cam?
As good as the photos it which I mean...looks way nicer than a webcam...but I haven't used a webcam for maybe they've gotten better...but this is a great solution to video...

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