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Oct 1, 2011
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Hello everyone!

My name is Nikolas (Flickr: photoj87's Photostream) and I'm pumped to be on this site! I just finished my long and tediuos career in college and I'm now starting to discover real life. This past summer I interned as a team photographer for the Cleveland Indians (1 of 3) . I shot well over 35 games and now I'm finished with school. I work in Massillon, Ohio, shooting cars for 3 dealerships. It's not my ideal job, but to be making $550/week, with a camera in my hands, right out of college is a good start.

I'm on this site because I'd really like to learn more technical skills, to develop a photography network and to get some help on a few things. Right off the bat, I have been given the permission to redo the lighting setup in the studio at work. As the only photographer, in charge of all operations, I'm being entrusted with a big decision of where to go. If someone could tell me the proper place to post a thread here with the dimensions of the studio, our current equipment and some plans I have - I'd love to share.

Also, I'm looking into upgrading my personal camera. I have a Canon 50D (which has served me well), but I'd like go full frame. In particular, I want to buy a 5D MKII. If anyone is keeping up with the prices on these, they know that new they're around $2,500. I'd like to save as much as possible (maybe find it for $2k) to invest in a battery grip, extra batteries and to buy a 530EXII... eventually. So please, add me to your list of people to notify on a price drop or please fill me in where that information is posted on this forum :)

Glad to be apart of this forum and look for me to start chiming in on conversations soon!


Nikolas Kolenich
Photographer | Progressive Auto Group

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