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Jul 3, 2004
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It's been a while since I last shot anything serious ( as in something that I intended and cared about ). I lived in this area for a year and left for good in mid April. This is by far the most beautiful area in the country and ever since I left, I have not had any desire to pick up my camera. So I went back for a few days last week, and it felt amazing to be back.





This last photo is rice paddy about to be ready for harvest.
Wow. These are all beautiful. Looks like you waited for the perfect time to capture these photos!

Thanks. While I didn't have to wait that long ( because I timed my arrival ), I have to say that photography has made me a lot more aware of natural and geographic elements in order to plan for the right shots.
I love the 3rd one.

Where were these taken?
I like # 1 but 2 is stunning.The scenery,mountains,clouds with the sun light streaking through.:thumbup:
Where is this, Thailand? It's gorgeous, very nice, every one of them!
Where is this, Thailand? It's gorgeous, very nice, every one of them!


The mountain is famous for "Golden Needle Flower", which is edible. However, for food use, the flower is to be harvested 2 days before blossom, which is how it gets its name because it looks like a needle. However, for tourism, blossom flowers look better. So during the flower season (Aug-Sept), the government subsidize a portion of the farmers to let their flowers blossom as opposed to harvesting them. The mountain will be packed with tourists during the two months, bringing in revenues far exceeding what the flowers can be sold for.

Here's how it looks like during the flower season.

How do you get that distortion on the last one you just posted? Is it the lens? It looks almost pin-holey!
Great images especially the 2 one, amazing :)
I love the third one. I might crop just a bit on the bottom, but I'm always looking to crop something ...
The second one is obviously a HDR, which even I think is a bit over cooked.... I actually tried to tone it down without killing it, but left it as it is. Glad that you guys like it though.

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