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May 21, 2008
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I am looking for a backet for my camera for off camera flash. I was looking at the quick filp 350... any suggestions or people that use these types would be great.
i cant believe that know one here has used one wow!....
I'm shopping for one too. I am leaning toward this one.

Flash Bracket for Digital Cameras by ALZO digital

I like the ones that allow the camera to flip, while the flash stays put. Way more efficient for you and can allow you to be ready for the shot faster. From what I have read, this one is a good one. They also sell softbox and umbrella kits for it. Just not sure I want to walk around the wedding reception with a softbox above my head. However, if they work and the pictures are better with it, I may try it. For now, I just plan on using my stofen diffuser. :)

BTW> Search the forums for flash bracket. There are lots of threads discussing them.

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