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PC Mouse for Photoshop


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Feb 25, 2009
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Any suggestion on which Microsoft mouse to purchase for using within photoshop? I have always used MS mice and am looking at their lineup. I notice the need for a really precise one as I am learning to "paint with light" in photoshop (Kelby 7 Layer System book).

Any suggestions?
I have been doing some research on thie site. Maybe I should be looking at a pen and tablet solution. I see people using the Wacom brand.

Are there others to consider?
What size tablet provides enough space for most people?
i've never used one personally but all our media designers use Wacom intuos4. most of them use large or medium.
I use a Logitech MX510 that I bought in germany 5 years ago that's really really nice for an optical mouse.

I've never been a huge fan of Microsoft mice, but your mileage may vary. I've found that the surface is more important anyway.
Microsoft mice suck. In the experience I've had with them they simply do not last. They are junk.

I would second the Logitech suggestion. We have that same Logitech MX510 and have had it for 3-4 years now, and it works great.
Thanks. I have had good success with the microsoft mice. That's all I have used for about 20 years now. However, it's like anything else. It's all about the experience each person has. I find that I like a heavier mouse and hte current one I am using is just too light. It's the Microsoft wireless laser mouse 7000. Interesting design and fit. It's very comfortable once I got use to it. It's just a bit too light for my taste s I tend to be less accurate with it.

In this case, I am leaning more toward a pen and tablet now that I have seen how useful they can be. They are just so expensive....
I would try a Razer gaming mouse, they are incredbily comfortable and precise, along with many macro buttons.
Cintiq 12". It's a thousand bucks but it's the be-all, end-all, only thing you will ever, ever, ever need for Photoshop.
Wacom tablets area also really nice too, they come with a mouse you can use ont he pad, you can use it as a super-ridiculous accurate system.
I picked up a Wacom Bamboo for $90 on special and it does all that I need and works well with PS. One can go nuts in this area... I have seen tablets in the $9500US range! :confused:
I never thought the mouse you used mattered. I have the dell optical mouse that came with my computor, it works, and I like it.

A Wacom Tablet is nice, you might want to get one. My friend has one, and its awesome. (its also fun for playing in MS Paint. :D)
I use a Wacom Bamboo fun 4x6" and it has made editing photos, D&B'ing, painting with light...etc extremely easy for me. The size is perfect for my 15" MBP.
I can imagine illustrators needing larger tablet sizes and unless you have a 20"+ screen and edit 12-20mb+ images, size isn't necessarily better, you'll just end up moving around more because of the size. Mice are good for everything else except for editing 'imo'..I used to work with a logitech optical mouse and as soon as I switched to my Wacom, my accuracy and speed increased by like 3 times. The learning curve took a few hours but it was nothing.
Go with a pen/graphic tablet. They're really worth it, and cheap for a small wacom bamboo.

Seriously, you owe it to yourself If you're doing image editing - no mouse, however good, can compete with a graphic tablet.
The bamboo sounds good. I use a Dell 24 inch widescreen monitor. Do I need to get a widescreen tablet or will the normal bamboo work out?
I also recommend a Wacom Tablet.

The size doesn't really matter, sure bigger is often nicer to work with, but a small one works just fine.

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