Reels of cotton...anyone like??


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Nov 5, 2008
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Warwickshire UK
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Any c nc welcome on these. Shot with my new 300VR lens at about 5 feet... pretty sharp....for a D40 lol ;)

I think that it is a colorful and interesting photograph..

My question would be why the point of focus is the label on that single spool........ It pulls your eye to the label and leaves you wondering if you are supposed to read it, or what...

From the looks of the single strand, it is a nice blue color and if turned about 45 degrees away from the camera and the depth of field expanded, it would bring color to that area of the photo, and it could be a colorful wall shot for a craft room......
thanks larry, i did try and stop the lens down a bit, but its not overly bright in here, as you said nioce wall shot! in fact it looks nice as my desktop at the moment! cheers. i prefer the 1st one i think. Just had the idea to try it saw the cotton and the black cloth!

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