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Apr 19, 2004
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Am I the only one bothered when someone posts a link somewhere and embeds a referral link in it? Especially when they take pains to disguise it.

I also noticed today someone is embedding a "clear.gif" 1x1 image into all of their posts. I do not know what that is about but know there is a reason behind it, and it likely involves money. It is always about money.

Things like that always bother me. A forum is built on the backs of its members contributing content and I do not like to see others using the forum for personal gains without being upfront about it.
Often a 1x1 embedded is a booby trap of some sorts. I recommend report such things, and suspect links to a moderator. In fact, why not post this over in the site suggestion area?
I had not considered the malware angle. I have posted in feedback.
I doubt it's about money. More than likely an isp identification, like a lot of good that does anyone. Put the user on your ignore list, or if you feel you must take drastic action, send them a PM and a link to [ame=""]this[/ame].
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