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CW Jones

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Feb 26, 2009
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Just another single shot I took last week. Nothing too spectacular, it was intentionally under exposed by 1 stop to try and make the tree line darker to really exaggerate the setting sun reflecting on the lake.

It's ok - I think the picture would be better if you'd waited maybe 1/2 hour or so when the rays of light were more orange/red. Then, you could have also cropped out some of the sky so the horizon is less centered. :)
In a wierd way I like this shot alot im still trying to figure it
Ya it was a weird kind of sunset.... didnt really get the orange color because of the thick cloud cover... :( thanks tho!
I really like the texture of the water, but it would have so much more power had the cloud coverage been more contrasted (not in your control). I find that I kinda like the subtleness of it though, especially with the underexposure. Good framing. You should post up a properly exposed version for us to compare.
ya I know I wish it was a nicer sunset..., there should be plenty of other good sets in that same location.

I think this is my first picture that hasn't been torn apart in the Crit. lol thanks everyone.

I am looking for the correct exposure right now, dont know where it is tho haha

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