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Jun 18, 2013
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South West Wyoming
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I ordered a 5 in one reflector off of amazon, but it won't get here before I need it. Has anyone used those pop-up windshield shades for cars? I'm thinking it will work for now. Any thoughts?
Yes, those will work in a pinch; avoid the gold coloured ones unless you want a very warm skin tone. Large pieces of white Coroplast or poster-board work just fine too.
Thanks. I have the silver one, so I'll try that. I can also get the white poster board too. What is Coroplast? I heard about something at home depot, some kind of silver insulation sheet??
googled Coroplast... doubt I can get that here. At least not blank ones.
Home Depot & similar stores usually carry it, and if you have a sign-maker nearby, they always have off-cuts that you can get cheaply (or, if you're really lucky) even free.
I'll check into that. It looks sturdy but light which would be good.

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