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Religion tends to have a polarizing effect...


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Jul 6, 2010
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N. California
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...so I went downtown and took this picture of a church with my circular polarizer. :D

C&C appreciated.

Nuh uh. That's a postcard you bought and scanned!

Nice image.
It kinda bothers me that the bottom of the stairs is cropped off (lower right of the pic). Other then that I like it.
Alright, I cloned out the powerline... man that was tough, because if you look at where it crosses in front of the church, it completely covers up some of the horizontal corners of the architecture, so I didn't have a lot of image to clone from. This is probably the most intricate cloning work I've ever done.

You can click on the image to view it in Picasa so you can zoom in if you like.

Hah, yeah, I noticed the power line, too.

Was going to say, next time bring your rubber gloves, a ladder and something to cut the wire to prepare a bit before shooting. *grin*

Definitely a nice clear image, with the polarized and unnaturally dark sky! A bad omen for the Church? [insert suspensful organ music here]
Powerline was my first yick. (Yes, yick. *shrug*) But it looks great without it!
I really like it! It's sharp. Another poster touched based about the stairs so I won't.
Excellent shot, but im not a fan of the DEEP blue skies and the overall scene appears to be slighly underexposed. I do agree with the stairs.
Agree with the above, it also could do with slight straightening up, its leaning to one side and I don't think its located Pizza

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