Remote trigger for both shutter and multiple flashes

Jeff Bauman

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Nov 22, 2020
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...I’m seeking a “system” that allows maximum control (at a minimum, triggering) of any and all camera shutters (2 cameras) and multiple (2-3) off-camera flash units from a single, handheld controller without being in contact with any of the units... ... one button, pushed while “across the room” which fires two camera shutters and three mounted lights...

You could use a radio-frequency (RF) transmitter and have a receiver on each of your remote units.

Or you could use your infra-red device to trigger both cameras and have one or both to flash in "commander mode" to fire the flashes which are set to fire in "slave mode".
There are a few way to do this.

As mentioned above RF is going to be the easiest way.

With my current set up I could fire all of my DSLR's with one IR remote. The RF flash transmitter on one of the cameras would fire not only my speed lights but all of my studio strobes as well. All of my speed lights and studio strobes are from the same manufacturer and use the same trigger. My cameras are all from the same brand and use the same IR remote.

Now in order to do this the receivers all have to be compatible. This normally mean the same brand. But you only need the transmitter and receivers to be the same not necessarily the flashes.
Have a look at the hahnal system I use mine with multi camera and flashes

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