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Requesting help on a flash decision

Jeremy Z

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Jan 4, 2007
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So, I've got my Olympus XZ-1 on the way. (it's an advanced point & shoot, with a hot shoe)

One of the cool features about this camera is that it will do wireless flash actuation.

Here are the flashes I'm looking at:

1) The Olympus FL-36R. Kind of expensive at $180, and two customers said it crapped out RIGHT after warranty, and they had to pay $95 to get it fixed. But I know it would work wireless.
Amazon.com: Olympus FL-36R Electronic Flash for Olympus Digital SLR Cameras: Electronics

2) Metz MZ36352... Gets great reviews, but the zoom head is manual. The bigger Metz with the auto zoom head is HUGE, so I don't want that.

3) Vivitar DF183. Reviews are like: "Yeah, it's a flash. It's weak and a little flimsy, but it works." Simple, compact, bounce, but nothing else.

4) Nissin DI466. Gets good reviews, has the auto zoom head, seems to work in slave mode, but is out of stock. Fair price, but it's a 4AA flash, so it might be on the big side for my compact camera:
Amazon.com: Nissin Speedlite Di 466 FT Four Thirds Digital Flash for Olympus and Panasonic Cameras: Electronics

5) Olympus FL300R. Looks kind of weak and is expensive for its feature set. Bounce by tilting it back seems a little cheezy:
Amazon.com: Olympus FL-300R Compact Flash for Olympus E-P3 Micro Four Thirds Digital Camera: Electronics

Which one would you guys get?


Someone's got to have experience with Olympus-dedicated flash units...
I shot Olympus Om-4's with various Olympus flashes for a long period.... and found that the OEM flashes were always the most reliable and compatible. You get what you pay for! :)
Get the most expensive flash that you can afford! It will last you quite some time!

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I've not read anything about the Oly flash units that would make me want to purchase one.

This probably won't help you at all, but I trigger OCF (speedlights and monos) with my EP3 via PCB Cybersyncs. I assume any hotshoe mounted transmitter will work.

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