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Jun 27, 2003
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what magazines/books are in ur bathroom right now?

in ours...

Wired (for the hubby), US Weekly (for me) and oftentimes National Enquirer so i can keep up on the celebrity gossip :p

what's in yours?
Can't say we keep any in the bathroom!
However in my bedroom, or should I say on my floor, are
Better Photography
Digital Photography
and Rolling Stone
I always have music mags lying around..Juice, NME and Q are regulars.

oh and Playgirl under the mattress
oh and Playgirl under the mattress


i've never had to chance to check that one out, is it any good? :lol:

*but then again, i never get the chance to check anything out with Mr. doxx on the prowl* :eek:
Never there long enough to get wrapped up in something to read, altho I do subscribe to Pop Photo and Photographic.

manda...I'm surprised you are reading Playgirl, but I understand since you said you don't understand men.
**sigh** :love:
I'll pick up a copy of Nat'l Geopgraphic but no subscribtion. I ask for it every year for b-day or christmas but have yet to get one. My favorite throne reading material is this book on still life photography i picked up a couple months ago.
hey voodoo ..

what's the name of that still life book your reading?
Dew said:
hey voodoo ..

what's the name of that still life book your reading?

Churchill'sThe History of English-Speaking People- Winston Churchill. It is the complete collection of his series.
Also got The Meaning of Relativity by Einstein.
No mags in the dunny @ my house!

Reading wise i would just have to say my very boring text books and the odd autobiography for study time outs. At least till this (my final) semester is finished then it's time to break out the porn!!!!! WOO HOO!

Just kidding! aint that right Manda?

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