Reverend Al from St. Louis


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Jun 1, 2006
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St. Louis
Just wanted to make a quick introduction.

Relatively new to photography, took a class about half a lifetime ago back in high school, just got into it in the last year or so.

I'd probably rate myself at a high amateur level, maybe close to an "enthusiast."

So... yeah.. just wanted to make the introduction. Rock on.

quick edit: don't take the screen name the wrong way.. its just a nickname. ;)
Welcome to TPF! :)
Hey Reverend, we've got an Archangel around here... ;)

Welocme to TPF.
Welcome to the forum, Reverend (bet there's an interesting story behind that nickname!)
Well, sort of...I guess.... if you've got a healthy sense of humor....

I'm a bald, tattoo'd & pierced Jewish guy, so when you meet me or hear me speak, the nickname tends to sound a little antagonistic to those whoare a little bit more devout in their faith. I used to study theology as a hobby. Well, long story short, I was helping a friend ghost-write a book on different cultures' myths and beliefs about hell and a punitive afterlife, and I stumbled onto an opportunity to be ordained as a minister. I figured that there was no harm in it... I used it as a screen name on a local message board, and as heavily involved as I am in that community, it just evolved into a nickname.

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