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    Hey everyone! My name is Natali.

    I bought a Ricoh KR-10E back in 2002 and I recently just pulled it out of hiding so I could start taking photographs with film again. I remember little to nothing from photography class in highschool so I need a little bit of help.

    The lens I have that came with the camera is a Rikenon P ZOOM 1:3.4-4.5 35-70mm Macro Lens but it looks like it has been damaged. So I'm wondering what other lens could I use with my Ricoh KR-10E?

    Also, the flash that I had for the camera, I believe was a Ricoh Speedlite 260P has been lost. Can anyone tell me what other flash attatchments I could use?

    Thank you!

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    Almost any flash will work; this camera is not TTL capable, so you're going to be doing your flash exposures manually. I would look for something like a Vivitar 285.

    As far as lenses go, you've got a million to choose from. Ricoh uses a variation of the old Pentax K mount, so any Pentax bayonet-mount lens will work (although you may have to use stop-down metering).

    Check out out Craig's list and local pawn shops. $100 will likely get you a bag full of fun glass!

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