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Oct 6, 2009
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Phoenix Arizona
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Whats up TPF?
Havent had a lot of time to shoot lately. got a couple that I would like to share for C&C and what not.

This is my second lightning shot I have posted. Got this with a nice storm rolling through Elkton, Md at a truck stop i was at. I lightned it up a tad. I feel the trucks Add something different.

Another truck photo. I wanted to get what I was feeling that morning. It was early and I was tired. Having my morning smoke and getting ready for a 14 hour drive. I like the blown out sky and flare because when you wake up after 4 hours of sleep and look out the window, thats what i see lol. Since a lot has not changed with log books, I dated it with a little grain and B&W.

Thanks for looking!
Anyone for CC tips? Always looking to improve! Thought they were pretty good but you all keep me realizing things to keep in mind.
I like the first one... Boy, I do not miss the truck stops. I drove for 13 years and finally hung my keys up this past January.
I drove for 3 years, found a good woman, and she was reason enough to leave it alone. Thought I would be wise, stop driving and have a real home life and not live through pictures!

I like em both but I don't miss em! Truck stops and driving in the storms. I like the lights in the first one, both bolts come down close to the lights so my eyes go straight to the lightning, move down to one light across the trucks to the next light and back up the other bolt. Moving and stopping long enough to get the details. I think it's a good shot! As for the log book, make sure you get a photo of the other 2 you have in the sleeper! :lol:
I feel the parking lot lights are distracting as well but I think its great shot of the lightning...
love the title little metallica never hurt anyone :) and i love the lightning
Lol yeah I have 4 pages in my back pocket. That's the way I roll :) I tried to get off the road for 6 months but couldn't supplement the paycheck. Glad to hear about other drivers. And thanks for the cc. I have cs5 and it has content aware for the flood lights but I can't work it yet. Ii like the star pattern in the lights but really like the star in the left lightning bolt. I counted 6 in the lightning. I wasn't sure how the logbook would go over but I feel I captured the moment as I tried :)
Thanks for the comments. I'll work on my cs5 some more.
love the title little metallica never hurt anyone :) and i love the lightning
yeah im an old headbanger lol. i was thimking "Riders on the storm" as a title too. got to love the Doors too :) or just me...
i do like the doors as well

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