Rollercoaster shots


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Oct 6, 2008
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Taken from La Ronde, the Six Flags in Montreal.

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I like them all and the motion bur shot seems plausible, but it almost seems like the blur is backwards. Was the train going up the hill or down? Otherwise I like the composition of all three. Also the exposure is great, sky looks great as well as the subject matter.

thanks for the comments!

the blur does seem reversed, how weird. the coaster was going down though. Its not a coaster that goes backwards or upside down, just a damn tall and fast one hehe.
I have not been to enough amusement parks (at least in my mind) I remember the days when it was not AS frowned upon to smuggle on a camera and take some wild shots while riding.) Now it seems it is a total no-no, sign of the times I guess.

Your shots make me long for summer again already Heheh! We have cool park some what near me that I love... Holiday World. It has a top rated wooden coaster, and they just got a new hybrid water coaster. Oh and the softdrinks and sunscreen are FREE! Man I want to go to a park now lol.
The last one, appears to be exposed for the sky and not the train itself, also a contrast boost and maybe saturation. The photo looks like it was taken in the late 80s, early 90s film.

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