Rude Sunflower!


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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Perhaps it had had enough of me but no need to be rude!

No way. That is an index finger kind of leaf. It is saying "Come a little closer, baby."
Sunflower with an agenda, global domination
Ha! You guys make me smile :) never thought of it that way, I only saw it flippin me the bird lol!
hahahaha... ok that's very amusing.

BTW, we're all officially photo nerds for finding that funny.
I laughed.. out loud. Now my husband thinks I'm an idiot. (He's probably right!) Great shot!
I see both! But, I think I'm going to go w/ the "Come here little girl, I got something for you". lol
This works. Also, if you didn't have that thin DOF, the image wouldn't really make sense in the way you "framed" it. And I'm with those that see it asking you to come closer...
Come here or flipping you the bird, either way, its really an amusing shot. :lol:
Also laughed out loud - wife is at work but I got a look from the dog. I'm sticking with the rude sunflower. "A nice, happy little flower" (in your best Bob Ross voice).
The main lesson of this shot is that "come closer" and "flip you the bird" is there in every woman. And you can never be sure which one you will get. Because sometimes you get both at the same time. You know this "Come closer, I will flip you the bird" thing...:twoface:
Ha, it all comes down to finger choice I suppose lol ;)

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