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Oct 28, 2008
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it's amazing how rural village in the countryside can make a photo look decades old.
this one was taken in a village near my hometown in italy, by the entrance of the local castle, now serving as the townhall.

looks best in the bigger version which can be found here -> p for parking on Flickr - Photo Sharing!


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Nice subject. I'd like to see the building in the background a little darker. And the street and wall have such wonderful texture that if this were more pronounced it would add interest here.

Did not really see much difference in the pic that you have posted here and the slightly larger version.
thanks for the comment!
i linked the larger version as the texture you mentioned can be seen more.
the reason why the background is brighter is that that is the entrance to the castle's inner yard (in the background), which is under part of the castle itself. so basically there is a roof over the bikes (and me taking the photo), while the inner yard is open hence brighter.
you just made me realize how this photo looks completely different to anyone who doesn't know where its been taken!

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