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Sep 2, 2003
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Taken with a 1950's era Reflex 20 camera. Slower shutter speeds back then, made for the fastest film that was on the ‘50s market which was +/-100 ISO. I used Ilford FP4 (ISO 125). Now the FUN part here is that this camera was also made to accept only 620 film, which is technically 120 film that was rolled onto a slightly different film spool that doesn’t fit into regular medium format cameras.

But my husband took this challenge a step further and bought a 35mm film adapter that can fit into these cameras and allow you to shoot this smaller format. The fun part is getting those sprocket holes from the smaller film to show and just leave them as an additional element. This particular shot showed a light leak or possibly some kind of reflection. I took it towards the end of the roll, and the rest of the roll had zero light leaks, so we’re thinking as the roll decreased in diameter towards the end, this light got through.

Fortunately, I accept light leaks as gifts from the photography gods. ;) Thanks for looking!
The light leak adds a bit of 70's vibe and sunny warm day.

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