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Mar 12, 2006
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:confused: I’m from the older school and still appreciate film……that said, I do own a D70 and realize the benefits of downloading to the computer for enhancements. Now the facts.
I have an HP 3970 scanner and have tried to scan film strips…..there are three speeds slow, slow and slower. Has anyone had film developed directly to a disc? Possible?
And what is the quality level of the digital pictures?
Help please……..
Well, your best bet is the have your negatives developed and to buy a better scanner. that can scan negatives and color positives (slides). I'd reccommend Epson as a scanner brand and the 16xx series scanners. Most labs do a poor job of scanning, something around 300dpi, when the native resolution of film is actually around 3000dpi.
When I was shooting film I would always have my photos also put on a CD. That took a bit of the fear away if something we to happen to my negs. That was back in the days when I couldn't do it myself.

Now that being said the quality of the CD's sucked. I was able to tweak using PS to get them back but I agree with getting a better scanner or going to a dedicated film scanner. I also use Epson and have been happy with their products.

As far as where to buy. I picked up some good deals at Best Buy or Comp USA. Mail order is another choice. I now mail order most everything due to the high sales tax we have.
Good advice, especially on the sales tax point. That's two for the Epson scanner.
Thanks ......

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