scary dolls b&w

Gosh - they are scary! You've caught the atmosphere of them really well, I think. It's a bit surreal and eerie.
firstly welcome to tpf :thumbup: ...... second, i'm diggin the shots the first especially is very well composed. I wish there was a tiny bit more light on the face in the second as the hair stands out more than the face. Third, you may be interested to know there is a Dark Side gallery where you can post any dark images like this and it will get noticed by more people with similar interests. Look for 'photothemes' on the main page and you'll see the D/S gallery within. Really great first post tho, well done :thumbup:
I agree with everything Angel said! Great work and welcome to TPF.
Cool shots. Welcome to the forum too.

Maybe we will see ya in the Darkside
I like how dark the first one is. It transfers the creepy feeling well. The second could use a little more light.

Make sure you check out the DS gallery :thumbup:

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